‘It’s a rough way to go’: The Amazing Race Canada’s Anna and Todd stung by brutal U-Turn


Is there anything worse on the Amazing Race Canada than getting eliminated thanks to a U-Turn?

Frontrunners Anna and Todd the third team sent home on this year’s Heroes Edition saw their Amazing Race dream come to an end after a blind U-Turn by Zainab and Monica in Jakarta, Indonesia.

“It was very close,” Anna told the Sun the day after she and Todd were ousted. “We got out of that dancing challenge and we saw Adam and Courtney getting into a taxi. We got into a taxi and that point you’re just sitting in traffic, hoping. But when we pulled up and started running to the Pit Stop, we saw that they had just gotten there ahead of us.”

Todd, a cancer survivor, and Anna, his girlfriend of four years, reflected on the brutal U-Turn that sent them home, this year’s hardest challenge and more.

What was it like watching this week’s episode and seeing the team that U-Turned you?

Todd: We had an idea that it was Zainab and Monica, so it wasn’t a complete surprise seeing it on TV.

Anna: It stung a little bit seeing it on TV, especially since it was the deciding factor in our race ending. So it was very disappointing, but we understand; it’s part of the game.

Why wasn’t it a complete surprise?

Todd: A lot of the other teams we had talked to and we had a good relationship with them and we knew that they probably wouldn’t have done it. But Zainab and Monica were one of the teams that we didn’t really interact with.

Is the U-Turn the ultimate low blow in the race?

Anna: In some ways, yes. But we tried to see it as a compliment. We saw it as we were a strong, competitive team and that was the reasoning behind it. We understand it, but it’s still a rough way to go.

Is there an easy way to prepare to be part of the Amazing Race Canada?

Todd: You can watch all the previous seasons, but you can’t really prepare because you don’t know where you’re going or what challenges you’re doing. You can study all the old seasons as much as you want, but for me I don’t think it helps too much.

How much of the race is luck and how much is skill?

Todd: It’s probably like 60% skill and 40% luck. When you’re in the foreign countries you don’t have control over your taxi and you’re affected by the language barrier.

Anna: It’s pretty even between luck and skill and that’s definitely frustrating.

Which team did you size up as being the strongest when you first started?

Anna: It’s interesting because that changes as the race gets going. Adam and Courtney seemed like they would be strong out of the gates, but they have struggled. I’m surprised by (cheerleaders) Leanne and Mar. They’re super strong and we were super impressed by them. And we’re big fans of Taylor and Courtney. They’re calm under pressure.

What was the hardest challenge this year?

Todd: Probably the pie. When you get something to eat that you don’t enjoy I don’t like pie or blueberries it makes it really tough.

Anna: It’s harder than it looks. That pie was so sweet and so massive. At least with the knot challenge or the dance challenge you could get better at it. With the pie it was literally, I can’t fit this in my body.

The Amazing Race Canada airs Tuesdays on CTV.

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