Marla Maples bedded Michael Bolton while dating Trump: FBI files


When The Donald was away, Marla Maples did play.

Newly released documents detailing FBI probes into — and at the request of — now U.S. President Donald Trump’s companies contain allegations regarding his ex-wife Maples.

Donald Trump and Marla Maples on their wedding day. GETTY IMAGES

Among the findings from the 1996 investigation:

— Maples brought soft-pop crooner Michael Bolton home for a tryst while her then-boyfriend Trump was away on the West Coast, her publicist, Chuck Jones, claimed.

— Nude photos of Maples — who famously said Trump was “the best sex I’ve ever had” — that her publicist said had been lost.

— The saucy snaps were allegedly stolen from her New York penthouse.

— Jones was later fired for stealing lingerie and 200 pairs of shoes from Maples. The theft was caught on video.

— The video also showed Jones licking Maples’s toes.

Maples told cops she became suspicious after noticing that more than 100 pairs of her shoes had gone missing over seven years. So she installed the hidden camera.

The disgraced publicist’s first trial was overturned and he was re-tried in 1999. At that trial, Jones first made his claims about the alleged Bolton-Maples affair.

For his part, Trump says he knew about the trysts, which followed a split.

“She was very hurt. Michael Bolton calls Marla and says, ‘Marla, I’d like to take you out.’ And he falls madly in love with her,” Trump told Vanity Fair in 1994.

Michael Bolton in concert.  POSTMEDIA

“There’s nothing wrong with what she’s doing. I left her. Not only that — I left her like a dog.”

Jones, meanwhile, has continued his war on Maples following a jolt in jail.

In 2012, he was back in court for sending her emails with sick subject lines such as: “A piece of s***, homewrecker and all around dumba** I know;” “God is not waiting for you, but Lucifer will explain and fill in your details;” and “Get that stutter fixed, s*** for brains.”

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