WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Dr. Quinn hunk Joe Lando lands back on daytime TV at B&B!


Soap fans are in heaven now that former Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman hunk Joe Lando is back to his roots: daytime TV.

The popular star first got his break on sudser One Life To Live as anti-hero Jake Harrison, a role he played for 2 years. (He also had a brief stint on Guiding Light.)

Today,  the 56-year-old thespian is playing Judge Craig McMullen, an old pal of Ridge Forrester’s, who plays a key role in the contentious custody battle between Katie and ex-hubby Bill. “I see him a future Walter White [on Breaking Bad],” says Lando of his new alter ego.

Sun caught up with Illinois native to see if he’d be open to extending his recurring role on the world’s most watched daily serial and if a Dr. Quinn reboot is just what the doctor ordered!

How surreal is it that you’re back on soaps?

I had auditioned for another soap two weeks prior; and then, boom, B&B came along. It sounded like fun and it proved to be a good decision. I’ve never turned my nose up regarding soaps because it’s tremendously hard work. Soap stars are like marathon runners.

Would you be open to extending your limited run on B&B? Or is recurring more attractive than a contract?

I’m open to suggestions. I like where the story is going. I get to work with all the big characters on the show, which is very fun.

There is chemistry between you and Kelly Lang (Brooke)!

She’s sweet. We were rehearsing the other day — there were five characters in the room that Brooke had slept with! — and I was the only one she hadn’t been involved in! I’m game for anything.

What’s life like as a silver fox these days?

I was dying my long hair even when I was on Dr. Quinn and afterward just to be consistent. But then, I did a Lifetime movie and they wanted to put grey in my hair. I suggested: “Why don’t I just grow it out naturally?” I had no idea how much grey I would have but once I grew it out, it came out super silver. My mother liked it so I kept it.

What are the chances of a Dr. Quinn reboot?

I think it would work. They could totally make it relevant to today’s issues and grittier, not so Hallmark-y as it was originally. Women were very powerful during the Gold Rush era and that would resonate today. I would do it in a heartbeat and I know so would Jane [Seymour].

Until then, maybe Jane can play Craig’s ex-wife on B&B!


Catch The Bold & Beautiful on CBS and CTV Two weekdays at 1:30 p.m.

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