Warning: A computer science degree may be a waste of your time and money



When he was 15, Shlomo Zippel got his first job programming. And that was pretty much the end of his academic career.

“I had an arrangement with the principal — as long as I showed up for tests and did well in them, he wouldn’t tell my parents that I wasn’t at school,” recalls Zippel. “Instead of getting on the school bus every morning I got on a normal bus that took me to the office I worked at.” Zippel, who lived in Israel at the time, was developing software used by all major banks in the country plus Reuters Israel

At 17, the hourly rate Zippel was making for coding was higher than his parents’. “My dad is a surgeon,” Zippel says. “This might say more about how little doctors are paid in Israel though.” Read more…

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